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Choose Safe and Effective Professional Teeth Whitening from Robison Dental in Canton, MI

December 22, 2014

183969490Do you struggle with stained or discolored tooth enamel? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans seek out ways to achieve a brighter, whiter smile each year. A bright white smile can be an instant boost in self-confidence and make you look and feel younger. If you’re thinking about your teeth whitening options, you may be confused by the many treatments available. But before you make any decisions, you should make an appointment with Robison Dental Group for a teeth whitening consultation. Dr. Robison is an experienced cosmetic dentist. He can save you the time, money, and frustration of choosing a teeth whitening treatment that fails to work on your teeth. Robison Dental Group renews smiles daily for patients throughout Canton, MI, Ann Arbor, Northville, Westland, Plymouth, and the surrounding communities.

What Causes Teeth Staining and Discoloration?

Tooth discoloration and staining can begin at any age, and can be caused by a number of different factors including:

  • Genetic defect
  • Congenital diseases
  • Environmental factors
  • Infections
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Prescription drugs and medications
  • The antibiotic tetracycline
  • Eating or drinking acidic items including tea, coffee, soda, or wine
  • High fever at an age when teeth are forming
  • Poor oral hygiene habits
  • Neonatal jaundice
  • Fluorosis (over use of fluoride)

Why Choose Teeth Whitening from Robison Dental?

Teeth whitening, by definition, is a process through which teeth appear whiter. Although this is a simple definition, the actual teeth whitening process is not so simple. Most teeth whitening products fall into one of two categories; bleaching products which contain peroxides that actually remove deep staining and change the color of the enamel, and non-bleaching whitening products which contain mild abrasives that remove surface stains only. Teeth whitening toothpastes fall into the latter category, and cannot effectively whiten discolored enamel. Most over- the-counter teeth whitening products do contain bleaching agents; however, they are heavily diluted. Therefore it can take several weeks of daily use before you will be able to seen any significant change in the color of your teeth. Your best option is to make a teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Robison. Dr. Robison offers fast and professional in-office teeth whitening, and easy to use take-home teeth whitening with custom fitted whitening trays. Either option will get your teeth several shades whiter in a fraction of the time it would take with any DIY product. In addition, Dr. Robison can ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy and are not irritated by your whitening treatment.

Canton Teeth Whitening Appointments

No matter the cause of your tooth discoloration, teaming up with Dr. Robison is the most reliable option for getting the teeth whitening results you want. Dr. Robison will ensure that you understand how the teeth whitening process actually works, and fully treat any sensitivity issues that may arise. Make your teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Robison today. Robison Dental Group proudly serves patients of all ages throughout Canton, MI, Ann Arbor, Northville, Westland, Plymouth, and nearby areas.

Professional Teeth Whitening for Canton and Beyond

January 31, 2014

teeth whiteningAt some point, our smiles will experience some amount of staining. Popular beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, fruit juice, soda, and more can all cause stained or discolored teeth. Tobacco use can also contribute, and even aging itself.

But thankfully, you don’t have to live with staining. At Robison Dental Group, we offer teeth whitening to help you reduce the appearance of staining and restore the dazzling smile you once had. Specifically, our Canton office offers two types of teeth whitening for our patients to choose from: in-office teeth whitening and take-home teeth whitening.

In-office teeth whitening gives you fast results. If you end up choosing this option, all you have to do is sit back and relax while our Canton team whitens your teeth several shades over the course of a single visit. In-office teeth whitening is a good choice for patients who need fast results for an upcoming event, like a wedding, a graduation, a family event, or a job search.

This option isn’t right for everyone, though. For some patients, in-office teeth whitening causes sensitivity. In those cases, we might recommend a take-home teeth whitening kit. Take-home teeth whitening includes a set of bleaching trays, plus a supply of professional whitening gel. Over the course of a few days, you can whiten your teeth at home doing simple, everyday things, like reading, watching TV, or doing household chores. The process is comfortable, convenient, and delivers great results.

Do you want to learn more about our teeth whitening options? Call Robison Dental Group in Canton today for an appointment. We’re helping patients from Ann Arbor, Northville, Westland, and Plymouth achieve whiter, more beautiful smiles.

The Anti-Aging Benefit of Teeth Whitening

July 18, 2013

Drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, soda, and fruit juice are commonly cited for causing teeth stains, but there’s more to staining than any of these. Aging is another big factor. But unlike other common causes of staining, aging isn’t something that can be avoided.

Still, with a cosmetic dentistry service like teeth whitening, there’s a way around this type of staining, one that will improve confidence. But that’s not all. With your whiter, brighter smile, you can also turn back the clock on your appearance, enjoying wonderful anti-aging benefits.

At Robison Dental Group, your Canton cosmetic dentistsDr. John R. Robison and Dr. J.D. Robison—offer two teeth whitening options for patients to take advantage of.

The first option, in-office whitening, takes just a single appointment to complete and allows you to sit back and relax in our comfortable office. The second option, take-home whitening, lets you do it all on your own schedule, while you’re cleaning the house, watching TV, reading, or any number of other things.

But which of these teeth whitening options is right for you?

If you’d like to learn more about teeth whitening in general, or you’d like to see which option might be best for you, call Robison Dental Group today. We’re happy to offer cosmetic care to patients from Canton, Ann Arbor, Northville, Westland, and Plymouth.

Make Your Smile Shine with Cosmetic Dentistry from Robison Dental Group

June 15, 2012

Every year, people everywhere are using cosmetic dentistry to transform their smiles and their lives. Maybe you even know someone who has turned to a cosmetic dentist for help—a coworker, a friend, or maybe a family member. So, why not you?

Our doctors at Robison Dental Group have the experience and artistry needed to help you create a glamorous smile. Using great services like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign, we can help you hide flaws, straighten your teeth, and boost your confidence, all at once.

Not sure which service is right for you? Then why not schedule consultation visit with us?  After all, not every cosmetic dentistry service is right for every patient. Some may only need help whitening their teeth, while others might need a combination of services. Without a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our Canton office, how can you know what’s really right for your smile?

During a consultation visit, your Canton cosmetic dentist can address any concerns you might have, in addition to explaining all your options and creating a custom-made treatment plan just for you.

If you live in Canton, Ann Arbor, Northville, Westland, Plymouth or beyond and have put off cosmetic dentistry care, don’t wait any longer. Dr. John Robison and Dr. J.D. Robison love creating dazzling smiles for their patients. Call us today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation.