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Restore Your Smiles with Canton's Best Restorative Dentistry

Decay, injury, inflammation—your teeth can experience problems such as these even if you practice regular and thorough dental health care. Cavities, broken teeth, and even missing teeth can be the result. When you need restorative dental care, we can deliver, offering an array of restorative procedures designed to fix the smallest cavity all the way to a full-mouth reconstruction.

Porcelain Crowns and Fillings: The Basic Building Blocks of Restorative Care

If you’ve suffered dental damage as a result of decay or dental injury, fillings and crowns can stop the progression of the problem and restore your oral health. Our office uses composite fillings, providing a more aesthetically-pleasing and mercury-free option for filling your cavities. We also offer all-porcelain crowns to cover extensive decay, broken teeth, and teeth after root canals.

Full Smiles in Canton

Missing teeth damage your confidence and your health. If you’ve lost teeth, it can cause problems with the teeth you have left and affect your ability to eat a healthy diet. Robison Dental Group offers the following tooth replacement options:

If you’re in need of multiple procedures, we can perform a full-mouth reconstruction as well.

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