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Advanced Dental Technology

Cutting-Edge Dental Technology

With hundreds of hours of continuing education under his belt (including time spent at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute), it’s clear that Dr. Robison is committed to maintaining a modern approach to your care. That’s also why our practice features a variety of state-of-the-art tools and techniques – we want to ensure that our patients’ appointments are always as comfortable, efficient, and precise as they can possibly be. Read on below to learn more about some of the advanced instruments we will use to protect and enhance your smile.

Intraoral Cameras

woman with intraoral camera in mouth

This little camera will literally give you a whole new perspective on your smile. We can use it to capture highly-detailed images of your teeth and gums we can instantly show you on a chairside monitor. With them, Dr. Robison and our team can help you see exactly what we see. We can use them to explain the current state of your dental health as well as point out any problem areas that might require additional treatment, making your appointments nice and transparent.

Digital X-Rays

assistant pointing to x-ray

Long gone are the days when we have to put a large X-ray machine next to a patient’s face and then go stand behind a protective wall. Instead, digital X-rays can be captured using just a small sensor placed in your mouth, and they emit 90% LESS radiation than traditional ones. They’re also able to create much clearer images that don’t require toxic chemicals to be developed, which will help your appointments go even faster.

Digital Impression System

digital impression machine

Dental impressions help us design a wide variety of treatments so that they both look and feel great, but creating them the traditional way certainly isn’t a fun process. Patients would have to spend minutes at a time biting into cold, odd-tasting dental putty. Now, however, we can keep the putty safely tucked away thanks to our digital impression system. With just a few noncontact scans of the mouth and advanced software, we can quickly and comfortably create a fully 3D digital image of the teeth and gums in just a fraction of the time compared to the old way.


dentist using velscope on woman

An oral cancer screening is an essential part of every check-up we provide, and to help us catch potentially harmful cells as early as possible, we always use the VELscope light. It actually makes potentially cancerous tissues illuminate that would normally be invisible to the naked eye, meaning we can help a patient get follow-up treatment even sooner, potentially saving their life in the process.


diagnodent machine

For hundreds of years, the only way dentists could find tooth decay was to use their eyes as well as a number of small handheld tools. With DIAGNOdent, we now have a much, much better method. It uses a beam of light to quickly scan the enamel, and it’s able to detect even the slightest hints of decay that would normally be overlooked by a traditional exam. This enables us to intervene with conservative treatments even sooner so we can take care of small problems before they turn into major headaches.

Soft Tissue Laser

soft tissue laser being used on tooth

Over the past 20 years, lasers have become standard in dentistry’s tool-kit, enabling dentists like Dr. Robison to complete a wide variety of procedures faster and more precisely than ever. With a soft tissue laser, he and our team can provide gentle but effective gum treatments that are also completely comfortable. It can eliminate bacteria and even infected tissue while creating little to no bleeding or discomfort, leading to extremely brief recovery times.

K7 and TENS Unit

k7 and tens unit

The balance of your jaw joint is extremely important to your oral health, so if it becomes misaligned or strained for any reason, it can cause quite a few problems, including chronic head and facial pain. For patients experiencing these kinds of issues, Dr. Robison can use the K7 machine to find the ideal position of the jaw, and then the TENS Unit can help massage tense jaw muscles using gentle electric pulses to provide both immediate and long-term relief.

Plasma Arc Curing Light

plasma light

We use composite resin for a number of different procedures (such as fillings and cosmetic bonding), and after applying it to a tooth, it needs to be cured in order to harden and stay in place. With the Plasma Arc Curing Light, this process can be completed in as little as one second! This helps save a lot of time without compromising the quality of the treatment, meaning patients can get what they need and go straight back to their day without missing a thing.