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Watch Out This Summer for These Seven Sneaky Signs of Dehydration

June 2, 2022

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Woman drinking from her refillable water bottle during the summertime.

Summer is finally in full swing, and it feels like it’s going to be a hot one! That said, while you’re out and about enjoying the warm weather and sunshine, something to be mindful of is your body’s hydration. Not drinking enough water can have some serious consequences on your body’s wellness, including your oral health! Here’s more from your dentist in Canton about some of the hard-to-detect signs of dehydration along with some tips for getting enough fluids.

Seven Sneaky Signs of Dehydration

Feeling thirsty isn’t the only symptom of dehydration; in fact, you’re often already dehydrated by the time you feel like you need a drink! That said, here are seven sneaky signs of dehydration to watch out for:

  1. Bad breath/dry mouth – If your mouth isn’t producing enough saliva, bacteria can thrive and wreak havoc inside of your mouth, causing bad breath and even mouth sores.
  2. Headaches – Even mild dehydration can lead to headaches and sometimes migraines.
  3. Fatigue – You might feel unenergetic or lethargic, and it might be difficult to get quality rest.
  4. Cold/flu-like symptoms – You might feel dizzy, nauseous, lightheaded, or experience a fever or chills.
  5. Muscle cramps – Athletes aren’t the only ones who can get cramps—even just walking around on a hot day can lead to a painful cramp.
  6. Hunger – The same region of your brain that controls hunger also controls thirst, so feeling hungry immediately after eating might be a sign of dehydration.
  7. Dark-colored urine – If your urine is a darker shade of yellow, it’s time to drink some water.

Tips for Staying Properly Hydrated

Since your body is mostly made up of water, it’s by far the best possible beverage you can drink—so drink water often! Staying hydrated ensures that your mouth can produce enough saliva to wash away cavity-causing bacteria that puts you at risk for tooth decay. That said, there is no set amount of water that you should drink every day; rather, drink when you’re thirsty and be mindful of your fluid intake throughout the day. Also consider the following tips:

  • Drink water in advance of physical activity or time spent outdoors.
  • Consider carrying a refillable water bottle with you when you’re out and about.
  • Try to drink tap water whenever possible, as it often has fluoride added to it. Fluoride directly benefits your oral health by re-mineralizing your tooth enamel.

Drinking enough water is important, but it becomes much more difficult during the hot summer months. That said, consider the oral health benefits of staying properly hydrated and ensure that your body is getting enough water.

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