Distraught Lady holding head in pain

TMJ Therapy and Headache Prevention

Temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, syndrome is extremely common, but many people may not realize that the cause of their chronic headaches is their jaw joint. Still, symptoms of TMJ syndrome include headaches, ear pain, problems with chewing, dizziness, and clicking or popping in the jaw joint. If you suffer from chronic headaches and any of these other symptoms, you will want to get evaluated to find out if you could be suffering from TMJ headaches.

If your headaches are caused by TMJ, Robison Dental Group offers TMJ headache prevention therapy. Using the latest in neuromuscular technology including our K7 computerized unit, we can detect TMJ misalignment that might be causing your headaches and other pains. Robison Dental Group has helped hundreds of people eliminate the extremely painful symptoms of TMJ. We'd be proud to help you as well. Our extensive post-graduate training in the treatment of TMJ makes Robison Dental Group the only logical place to find freedom from this crippling discomfort and frustration.

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