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Festive Fiends: 4 Foods to Avoid this Holiday Season

November 21, 2023

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White table covered with holiday cookies, candies, and treats

The holidays have arrived with their usual fanfare of seasonal decorations, outings with friends and family, and tasty treats. Whether you have a full calendar of social engagements or plan to celebrate quietly at home, there are plenty of seasonal dishes and delicious drinks to enjoy this time of year. Some of them, unfortunately, are infamous for damaging your teeth. You can prevent potential problems by avoiding some of the more common culprits. Keep reading to learn about 4 foods to evade this winter to keep your pearly whites in prime condition.

Food #1: Sugar Cookies

Whether you’re a fan of gingerbread or prefer the buttery goodness of shortbread, you’ll probably be tempted by sugary cookies cut into festive shapes at some point in the coming months. Unfortunately, sugar attracts unhealthy bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. Not only that, but the starchy ingredients can cling to your teeth and cause plaque buildup. Eat too many and you could end up with a cavity!

Food #2: Hard Candies

You’ll probably see plenty of candy canes adorning various yule trees and store shelves this season. These striped delights take quite a while to dissolve in your mouth, which means you’re exposing your teeth to their sugar for longer periods. This increases your risk of developing tooth decay.

You might think it’s safer to chew them to eat them more quickly, but biting into them can chip or fracture your teeth. If you want to keep your pearly whites healthy, try steering clear of candy canes this year.

Food #3: Wine

Nothing warms you on a cold winter night like a hot, spiced wine. While you might correctly assume that red wine can stain your teeth, you’re not entirely safe with white wine, either. Both contain tannins which cause discoloration, as well as acids that wear down your protective enamel. If you don’t plan to abstain altogether, enjoy yourself in moderation then drink a glass of water afterward. This will rinse your mouth clear of debris and neutralize the acidity.

Food #4: Popcorn

Caramel popcorn is a sweet snack offered at celebrations during the holidays. You already know the sugary coating won’t make your teeth happy, but that’s not the only risk. You’re also likely to get kernels stuck between them, which can cause problems if you harm them trying to remove foreign objects.

Don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth twice daily to keep them in tip-top shape. That way you can make the most of your holiday knowing you’ve taken precautions to keep your smile happy all season long!

About the Author

Dr. J.D. Robison has studied dentistry at Purdue University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Detroit Mercy. He also completed the core curriculum at the prestigious Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Studies. He and his dedicated dental team provide a full range of services to patients of all ages so no matter your dental needs, he’s sure to have solutions to improve your smile. You’re welcome to request an appointment on the website or by calling (734) 453-6320.

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