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White Teeth Are Healthy Teeth, Right? It’s Complicated

September 15, 2023

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A woman smiling with white teeth

All you need for a bright white smile is a teeth whitening treatment. This will take years of stains off of the surface of your teeth and make them pearlescent once again. However, If you seek good oral health, any dentist can tell you it’s far more complicated than simply whitening your teeth.

There are four measures of oral health you’ll need to consider in determining that. Continue reading to learn why white teeth aren’t always healthy and how to gauge your oral health.

Measure 1: Gum Health

Your teeth aren’t the only structures in your mouth. The health of your gums is often a better measure of your oral health than simply looking at your teeth. Healthy gum tissue is pale pink and firm. If you see them turning red or becoming puffy and soft, you’ll know something is amiss.

Gum disease is a main contributor to tooth loss, halitosis, and other conditions that could adversely affect your oral health. However, these conditions can also act on other systems in your body, bringing your overall level of health down.

Measure 2: Cavities and Decay

Cavities are the first stage of tooth decay that forms small pits on the surface of your pearly whites. These can hide between or behind your teeth, making it difficult to detect them without the help of a dentist.

Cavities form when bacterial plaque from the food and drinks you consume stays on your teeth for too long. Plaque releases acid that eats away at the enamel of your teeth, leaving the pits behind.

If left untreated, these small cavities spread into full-blown tooth decay, softening and destroying your teeth. The presence of decay is a strong indicator of poor oral health.

Measure 3: Tooth Structure

Your teeth are made up of three layers, and each one supports the structure of the others. Your enamel protects the dentin from damage while you chew, your dentin acts as a shock absorber for the pulp, and your pulp allows your teeth to feel. All three of these layers must be healthy to have good oral health.

Tooth decay and physical trauma can eat away at and break your teeth, causing structural damage that must be repaired by a dental professional. Even if you had a white smile, it wouldn’t do you much good with cracked molars.

Measure 4: Oral Hygiene

The final measure of your oral health is how well you take care of your mouth. While occasionally missing a brush isn’t the end of the world, making a habit of skipping regular dental maintenance can lead to all the adverse effects mentioned above.

For truly healthy teeth, you should brush and floss them twice a day. This won’t guarantee a white smile, but it can keep your oral health in check.

Once you have your oral hygiene under control, Teeth whitening treatments can make your smile dazzling. If you’re considering teeth whitening, contact your dentist for an appointment. A bright and healthy smile is close at hand.

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