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Cost of Invisalign – Canton, MI

Invest in a Healthy, Straight Smile Today!

Are you ready to invest in a beautiful smile with Invisalign in Canton? That’s great! Clear aligners give you a discreet and sophisticated solution to achieve the smile of your dreams. While you’re excited to get started, we understand you have several questions about their cost. The amount you pay is determined by your individual treatment plan. We discuss the cost during your initial consultation and explain your payment options to keep your treatment affordable.

How much does Invisalign cost?

clear aligner on dental mold

The amount you pay for Invisalign is determined by your individual treatment plan. There are various factors that influence the price, such as if you need additional treatments, the number of aligners needed, and the complexity of your case.

Now, many dental insurance companies cover a portion of the cost after paying your annual deductible. We work on your behalf with your insurance company to reduce the amount you need to pay out-of-pocket.

Why is Invisalign worth the investment?

hand holding clear aligner

A straight smile gives you the confidence you need to enhance your social and career prospects, but it offers other benefits as well.

Improved Oral Health

If your teeth aren’t in their proper positions, it increases your risk of preventable oral health issues, like tooth decay and gum disease. With 50% of adults having gum disease and 92% of adults have had at least 1 cavity, you can reduce your long-term dental costs by aligning your teeth for a more effective oral hygiene routine.

Reduced Risk of Dental Emergencies

Properly aligned teeth reduce your risk of a dental emergency, which 1 in 6 Americans faces every year. If you have protruding or rotated teeth, you have a higher likeliness for suffering a knocked out, dislodged, or broken tooth if there’s trauma to your face. You can help to protect your smile by aligning your teeth and wearing an athletic mouthguard.

Improved Bite

Invisalign can also improve your bite. This decreases your risk for jaw pain caused by a TMJ disorder, uneven wear on your enamel, and even gum recession for overall lower dental costs.

Cost-Effective Solution

You’ll save time and money because you need less dental appointments. You don’t need to visit your dentist in Canton for adjustments because no wires are used. You only need to come in every few weeks to monitor the movement of your teeth. This means less missed days from work, co-pays, and other costs associated with frequent office visits.

What are my payment options?

woman wearing Invisalign

Besides using your dental insurance, we accept several forms of payment to keep your smile affordable, such as third-party financing with CareCredit. You’re given the funds you need to pay for your treatment, which you repay using a payment plan that accommodates your budget.

Invest in a Straight Smile Today!

Start your journey to improved confidence and oral health. Contact our office today to see if Invisalign is right for you.